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Fick Beer

FICK is a small, family owned business owned by husband and wife team, Nadresha and Fabrizio, who created FICK with a focus on locals. “We just wanted to create something for our local area and have a place where people could come and try something a little different”.


Our Story

There is definitely a connection to Belgian beers with Fabrizio attending university in Brussels and later completing his brewing studies in Belgium as well. Hailing from Luxembourg, just over the border, European beers are a focus but definitely not the only styles offered. “We don’t want to be restricted to a style, while we have a passion for Belgian brews and they are the backbone of our menu, we love all types of beers. Nadresha’s favourite beer is an Indian Red Ale, so our first beer ever brewed was our Red IPA, for example.

We experiment with yeast because we love the complexity of flavour that’s derived from different strains but of course we love hops and malt too. Our ultimate goal is always to create a perfectly balanced beers.



FICK came about after a brewing project in Luxembourg. Nadresha and Fabrizio brewed on a 50L system and would pump out around 120 bottles that would be stocked at a local clubhouse or sold at events. It was such a small operation but it cemented their love of brewing together and would form the basis of FICK to be opened in Brisbane. In 2016 they travelled to Australia for two weeks to finalise a visa and took the time to inspect a property at Northgate; they fell in love with it as soon they walked through. “We put an offer on the property and purchased it as soon as we returned home to Luxembourg”. It took another two years to purchase equipment and receive approvals, so in November 2019 they finally opened their doors to the locals of Northgate.

The name FICK comes from the Henri Funck brewery in Luxembourg which was on the street that Nadresha and Fabri lived. It’s original HENRY FUNCK letters had almost all fallen off and in 2013 the remaining letters were rearranged on the derelict site to read FICK. It was a big cheeky, even making the papers, but being inaccessible it stood like that until it was demolished in way of apartments in 2017.